Do you know e-learning tools to start your blended learning classes? Time is the most precious value we all have, so it is not surprising that online teaching proposals have had such a great insight in a few years. Online learning has revolutionized the way in which millions of people approach their studies, both because of their geographical accessibility and their time flexibility. This is an unstoppable trend which will definitely increase in the coming years.

Therefore, training and face-to-face language centers ​​have to offer new options and modalities to their students to meet their demands and not fall behind on the market, leaving in the hands of companies with much less experience in teaching the monopoly of online courses.

The Verxact solution (by CAE) for language centers offers hybrid options: with an agenda to book face-to-face, online and telephone classes, online content to reinforce classroom lessons and virtual classrooms.


3 tools to expand your classroom business with blended learning


# 1 Content Creator

To distinguish your business from the other competitors, you must have a unique personality, and the contents you teach are your representation. An authoring tool like Verxact Authoring Tool allows language academies to upload their paper materials and multimedia files and convert them into interactive and online content, which is not only offered in an easier way to students, but also capable of gathering useful information.


# 2 Online Booking and Tutor’s Management Agenda

To end the hourly rigidity, an online reservation system with automatic creation of classes such as the Verxact language solution is needed. Students book their classes comfortably from your web portal, choosing modality, date and time, and even the teacher if their center has several teachers at the same time.

In this way, classes are organized organically as students book them, both face-to-face and by telephone, and online if they are also offered.


# 3 Videoconference Software – Virtual Classrooms

Together with the free reservation agenda, virtual classrooms are tools that give great flexibility to students. Verxact video conference software for language live instruction includes a moderation and participation system, a whiteboard and file repository with class examples divided by levels which are ready to be projected on the board.

These three e-learning tools allow you to expand your class business as summarized in the following infographic:

E-learning tools to apply Blended Learning with Verxact

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