Why should you transition from a traditional education system to an e-learning education system? In this article, you will discover 5 reasons to move your classes online so you can offer interactive and effective online content, aligned with your students’ current needs. Now more than ever, it is important to highlight the benefits and advantages that applied technology brings to teaching new languages.

E-learning education is a must for the future, and the present!

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are not transient. Pausing and resuming schooling as if nothing had happened, without learning anything from it, would be a mistake. On the one hand, it is unknown how long it will take for social distancing to normalize: crowded classes could be a thing of the past. On the other hand, it would be a mistake to not modify the traditional education system and adapt it to circumstances like those we are currently experiencing: for a future strategy. It is necessary to ensure the continuity of classes in case of any unforeseen events; for that, learning platforms (LMS, Learning Management System) are the best resources for language and training centers.

These e-learning education platforms have multiple online tools available for centers to ensure even better training than traditional training, especially in terms of flexibility of time and place.

While the classic education system requires a physical space for students and teachers that they have to travel to, the e-learning method allows both parties to connect wherever, and if using the 100% online mode, whenever.


Reasons to expand your business with e-learning education solutions


#1 Increased retention, reduced learning time

Online content has shown to have up to a 25% higher retention than conventional systems (Fundación AUNA, 2005). Its interactive features, student engagement (they can set their own pace), and content curation all make it highly effective. To this end, it is necessary to rely on experienced tools like the ones Verxact offers, who has more than 38 years of know-how as an expert in the digital, online, blended and lab education market. Any web application, no matter how well it fulfills its role, does not equate to a full education: Verxact offers a structured environment, with microlearning pills adapted to the CEFR, and notifies students of their next classes in the virtual classroom.


#2 Accessibility, speed and agility

Online learning platforms let us offer web portals where students can easily access all the content whenever and wherever they want through any device connected to the internet. Teachers can use these portals to quickly share any material, in a simple and well-structured way, without needing to constantly notify students or having to upload their content to third-party services that may compromise their security.

Verxact offers a ready-to-use solution, making it easy for teachers with the most experience in online classes, but especially for all the teachers who are starting their online experience for the first time. The system provides online support for students and virtual classrooms that generate comprehensive monitoring reports (attendance records, times, assessments, prices). The information is stored in your LMS; it is not lost when you close the application, which can happen with free non-integrated services.


#3 Personalized training

Online content can be personalized for each student. Centers can add specific modules (health, business, military) or reinforcement exercises, respectively, depending on their needs or performance. That way, each student receives an education that matches their specific needs and not a generic education where they might find duplications or content that is not useful for their situation.


#4 Flexible schedules: reduce costs and increase enrollment

Verxact’s Tutor Center management system offers flexible schedules and maximizes the profitability of teachers’ hours, reducing costs. In addition, since online courses are versatile with flexible schedules, they permit increased enrollments by getting rid of the red tape of on-site classes at set times. Verxact’s Tutor Center lets you set class prices, take class attendance of teachers and students and prepare reports that include all the information required for institutional bodies to certify training.


#5 Comprehensive feedback in real-time

One of the main advantages of learning platforms is that they allow you to closely monitor all students. You can generate comprehensive reports that will show you your students’ progress in real time, allowing you to make immediate changes to correct trouble areas, instead of having to wait weeks for exams to be corrected, while in the meantime those areas are ignored.

All this information is saved in your LMS and used in subsequent reports. You don’t have to manually record anything, the comprehensive Verxact platform does all the processes for you automatically so that all the information is always available.


Verxact offers a completely versatile e-learning solution for language centers so they can expand their business with online classes that use an environment that is fully branded, which includes well-structured content ready for them to start their online classes with maximum efficiency, security and reliability, no previous experience required.



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