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Verxact is a learning suite that has an educational platform (web portal) with video conferencing, monitoring, interactive content reinforcement A1-C1 according to CEFR, authoring tool and management system for language tutors for centers, academies and language schools. 100 % with your image, your logo and your URL (white label).

Thanks to our Verxact software training centers can successfully approach their digital transformation by a prestigious EdTech company, CAE Computer Aided USA Corp.(cae.net) that has more than 40 years at the forefront of innovation in e-learning language training with international successes such as Dexway.

The Verxact project was born to respond to the needs of the on-site language centers as a multi-solution that allows you to:

  • share online content with your students
  • manage your face-to-face, online and by phone classes with free schedules
  • offer online classes by videoconference with the best e-learning technology on the market
  • create your own online courses or from pre-designed pills (microlearning)
  • connect the franchise agendas to offer a single online schedule in all their centers

create your own online courses or digital extensions through more than 1800 learning blocks, and offer online videoconferencing classes with the best e-learning technology on the market and connect online agendas of centers around the world for an exchange of English classes that makes it easier for them to extend their 24 hours schedules.

Verxact, therefore, solves the problems to form groups in academies and improves the retention of enrollments, improves the service that the centers offer and digitally transform their structures to optimize their profitability. All this thanks to the flexibility it gives to centers with open schedules and cutting-edge technology.

Make a difference in language teaching with us:

years of experience in the training sector

millions of students worldwide

companies and centers have trusted us

hours of interactive content

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