The advantages of a personalized curriculum are above all issues: they help to face the diversity of the students while driving the success of the training. Due to the characteristics of the face-to-face language centers, they are the best choice to increase their enrollment and retain students simply by putting into practice what they do best, offering quality education that goes one step beyond the rigid traditional education.

personalized curriculum

Unlike regulated education, in language schools we find people with very different levels and interests: from students looking to review or increase the level they acquire in schools and institutes, adults who want to learn a language for pleasure, to professionals who need to improve their English for work reasons. A rigid curriculum cannot address all this diversity effectively, what do you do then?


Why does your center need to offer personalized curriculum?

Customized curricula allow:

  • learn icon    Effective knowledge-based learning
  • people icon    Attention to diversity
  • alarm 2 icon    Orientation to real needs


Advantages of a personalized education

Adapting the study plan to each student is not possible based on paper methods, however, educational platforms (LMS, Learning Management System) give a solution to this problem. Thanks to their customization possibilities, language centers can make different curricula tailored for each of their students.


Creating your own online, interactive and multimedia material means three main benefits for the centers:

  1. Print your know-how and methodology, unmarking yourself from editorial methods
  2. Distinguish yourself from your competition
  3. Customize the educational experience of your students


For each student a personalized study plan is set up with the syllabus that you really need to move forward without repetitions, reinforce deficiencies or specialize in specific topics (business, health, etc.).

The creator of Verxact online courses allows you to develop lessons and activities that you can add to your students’ initial plans during the course, adapting to their needs in real time.


#1 Print your know-how and methodology, unmarking yourself from editorial methods

When using a paper method to teach your language classes, your know-how and methodology are very limited, and updating the topics depends on updating the manuals once a year.

With the creator of Verxact courses, the center has 100% control over its syllabus and all the activities carried out by its teaching staff are kept for reuse as many times as you want, even if those teachers leave the center.

The ease of use, which allows you to share professional finishing exercises in one click, allows them to be reviewed to update your examples, add relevant information, expand them, etc.


#2 Distinguish yourself from your competition

The personality of its center and its own methodology is what allows it to differentiate itself from the rest of the competition. When creating your own content, you create a unique method to accompany or replace paper methods.

In addition, ecological savings, offers greater flexibility to adapt to changes, thanks to the automatic evaluation that integrate e-learning platforms. By knowing the deficiencies or deficiencies of your students immediately, you can act before and solve the problems at the moment they arise.


#3 Individualized educational experience

As we indicated at the beginning, each student has different needs when deciding to enroll in a language course. Only by offering personalization of your curriculum individually can you address the particularities of each student. Or what is the same, by working on the basis of what you know and what you need as an individual, language deficiencies are better covered and more efficient progress is facilitated.

The possibility of adapting in the plan the corresponding level of content and objectives that the student can achieve facilitates the development of learning-oriented exercises.


The advantages of being able to offer personalized study methods in language centers are evident, and help both the growth of the academy that applies them, and the personal growth of enrolled students. The possibilities offered by Verxact to the centers do not stay here, since, in addition, they can offer flexible schedules, connect to a worldwide network of English classes to offer schedules all 24 hours in their centers, become online academies as experts in videoconference classes or increase the engagement of your students with your gamification system.


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