CAE attends SIMO EDUCACIÓN with the definitive solution for face-to-face language schools: its new tutor manager for online, on-site, and telephone language classes with video-conferencing and training activities to create personalized courses. One of the newest features of this software for on-site language centers is that it connects thousands of centers around the world that teach or want to teach online English classes. This facilitates an interconnected global offer with 24-hour schedules in all centers.

Verxact, definitive solution for face-to-face language schools


What Characterizes Verxact, the definitive solution for face-to-face language schools

Verxact is a service with a very clear objective: boost the growth of on-site language centers. This solution has four gradual levels to teach/offer online videoconferencing classes and more than 1,800 training activities that academies can use to create training complements or independent online courses.


#1 Web portal with the image of the center

White brand web platform, without brand(logo), only with the logo and the color palette of the center so that it is easily identifiable by its students. It includes everything necessary for the management of teachers and English classes, in any modality (on-site, online, and telephone).

#2 Digital booking agenda for open and fixed schedules

An online calendar in which the student can book their class attendance both online, and on-site, or by telephone (in the case of individual classes).


#3 Training courses/activities

More than 1,800 training activities, microlearning, that the centers can use both to share individually with their students after classes. As interactive reinforcement of the lessons, and to create a 100% self-training online independent course to accompany. If desired, with a limited number of conversation classes.


#4 24×7 network

Thousands of connected English teaching centers to optimize the class schedules of their teachers and offer the possibility of classes anytime/all 24 hours to their students.


In addition to Verxact, the definitive solution for face-to-face language schools, the leader in e-learning training with more than 38 years of experience and success in the sector, will take the opportunity to bring all K-12 courses for curriculum teaching and other courses to all visitors to the fair online and blended.

For more information, visit us during the fair at booth 6B17 or contact us.