Class Schedule

Class Schedule (digital agenda) that automatically manages your face-to-face, online and telephone classes forming groups according to your students’ reservations. Students use this agenda from their web portal and can book their individual or group classes freely and from anywhere. Change to open schedules!


Digital agenda to easily book on-site, online or telephone classes with open timetables


Make the most of your teachers' hours with open schedules in all modalities, also in person!


Greater profitability for your language center: no issues forming groups, more enrollments, lower dropout

Open schedules managed with
Verxact reservation agenda

Take advantage of the hours of your teaching staff to implement open timetables in your classroom, online and telephone. Verxact does all the work: publish the schedules, form the class groups according to the schedule, modality, level and configuration chosen, and notify teachers and students of their confirmed classes

How do you book a class with an open schedule?

Students access their personalized web portal from where they have access to the class schedule. From there they choose the day and time according to their availability and select the modality that best suits them online (by videoconference), on-site (go to the center), or telephone. The system creates the class according to the preferences chosen. From that moment, the group is formed with students who choose the same time and modality, and need to cover the same objectives.

In individual classes, the class is automatically completed once chosen and confirmation is made immediately upon reservation. For group classes, the student will receive confirmation at least 24 hours in advance.

1 Students choose through the class schedule integrated into their web portal between the available days. Each center can configure how many days are displayed.

2 Once a day has been selected, the students are shown the available hours (according to the schedules of their teachers ).

3. Depending on the configuration of its enrolment, the student will also define if the class is booking is in a group (recommendation: up to 6 or 7 students per online class) or individual.

4. If the class is individual, confirmation is automatic. For group classes, the system will inform you once completed, and always 24 hours before.

Last minute! Students are allowed access to classes without reservation until the last minute if there is availability.

Reservations in the 24/7 network

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