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Learning skill Pills for languages

Add online content for your students. The main goal of the Pills is to be used as examples in the Authoring Tool to help you to create your own courses. However, you can use them freely, with your own logo. With language courses / learning pills, create your own complements for videoconferencing, face-to-face or telephone classes has never been easier.

Even offer complete online courses to your students only with the brand of your center!

Learning Pills (EN, ES, FR)

Dual English (UK/US) Learning Pills, levels A1 to C1.

Spanish Learning Pills, levels A1 to B1.

French Learning Pills, levels A1 to A2.

 Structured training pills with objectives aligned with the CEFR to use as online consolidation of your classes.

Reinforcement Courses

Support courses that allow you to maintain a homogeneous level in the group during the course. These courses are made up of tests that evaluate knowledge and the associated pills which can be set according to the results obtained.

Tests + Online content. Available: UK/US English, A1- C1.

Exam Preparation Courses

Prepare your students to get certified in the most popular English exams:


  • Preparation Exam – First Certificate
  • Preparation Exam – Advenced Certificate
  • Preparation Exam – TOEFL Certificate

Interactive eBooks

eBooks in English with interactive content. Levels from A1 to B1. Some of these eBooks available are: BeethovenChopin, Little Prince Part 1 o Little Prince Part 2

Interactive courses with Digital books

Verxact clients have priority access to contracting courses with digital books.

Learning PIlls, content ready to use

Share the ready-to-use content as daily homework, as a reinforcement complement to face-to-face classes, as a support to the classes… Verxact Learning Suite offers a variety of materials to quickly deliver a quality blended methodology!


Only the brand of your center

Like online classes, the extra activities also appear only with the brand of your center (white labeling / without brand).


Customizable learning pills

Pills that fit your language school’s curriculum: order and divide the lessons as appropriate during the course


Language activities as a complement to classes

To reinforce your online, face-to-face or telephone classes, offer your students online complements: microlearning


Course-integrated video conference

Teach your online classes with virtual classrooms integrated in your courses


Independent online courses, without classes

These pills can be used as a complete course for your students to teach flipped classroom, online 100%, etc. 

Gamified evaluation

With stars, trophies and medals, and leaderboards by classes.

Language learning pills "without brand": generic brand

Online language courses / online learning pills only show the brand (colors, logo) of the language center.

The online content interface is customized to the image of your brand so that the students of the center immediately recognize the contents as your own. In this way, continuity is created between the personalized web platform (class agenda, materials, video conferencing classes) and the support extras and online courses.

Several topics per objective in sample microlearning

The English content learning pills that you can find as a sample in Verxact, review the main objectives for effective teaching at each level.

These have been developed to cover all the necessary topics to advance progressively and naturally by acquiring the necessary language skills at each CEFR level (speaking, reading, writing, listening).

Variety of exercises

The authoring tool allows to develop exercises to match or fill in gaps, videos, audios, word searches, crosswords …

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