Courses / Learning Pills

With language courses / learning pills, customize your complements for videoconferencing, face-to-face or telephone classes.

Offer complete online courses to your students only with the brand of your center.

Verxact provides its language center with more than 1,800 goal-based training activities (aligned with the CEFR).


1,800+ extra activities of content

Choose the learning pills that fit your language school’s curriculum, order and divide the lessons as appropriate


Language activities as a complement to classes

To reinforce your online, face-to-face or telephone classes, offer your students online complements: microlearning


Independent online courses, without classes

Content extra activities developed for the Verxact system allow you to offer complete online English courses

Only the brand of your center

Like online classes, the extra activities also appear only with the brand of your center (white labeling / without brand).

Language learning pills “without brand”: generic brand

Online language courses / online learning pills only show the brand (colors, logo) of the language center.

The online content interface is customized to the image of your brand so that the students of the center immediately recognize the contents as your own. In this way, continuity is created between the personalized web platform (class agenda, materials, video conferencing classes) and the support extras and online courses.

Several topics per objective in language microlearning

The English content extra activities review the main objectives for effective and complete teaching at each level.

These have been developed to cover all the necessary topics to progress progressively and naturally acquiring the necessary language skills at each CEFR level (speaking, reading, writing, listening).

For each objective, various learning modules with different themes have been designed so that the centers can make custom digital accessories. And tailored to your students (micro-learning).

These contents place students in real contexts and situations so that they learn with a 100% linguistic immersion.

Variety of exercises

All interactive content has been designed with our integrated authoring tool. Among its content, students will find exercises to match or fill in gaps, videos, audios, word searches, crosswords …

Language courses / learning pills support with your center brand
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