When it comes to expanding your language class business with online classes and interactive content, many centers wonder if the curriculum they have been working with for years should change. The answer is simple: your curriculum should not change. The know-how behind your personalized curriculum is what differentiates you from your competitors and technology must serve your content. The spread of COVID-19 has led to the closure/pause of educational institutions all over the world. The situation has accelerated the development of the online learning environments so that learning would not be disrupted, but it is necessary to change their curriculum in order to teach online?

Do you need a specific Curriculum to Teach Online?

In order to differentiate yourself from your competitors, the best strategy is to create or customize your language courses; that is, to offer a product that stands out from the rest of the options on the market by offering the same school spirit and know-how your language schools have.

We at Verxact know this because we have +39 years of expertise in e-learning, helping and supporting centers with everything they need for their digital transformation.


Use of your curriculum to teach online classes

Teachers can use PDF, Word or PPT materials and project them in Verxact virtual classrooms, the same way as in traditional classes. Or, convert your paper content into any of these formats to use in your online lessons.

We must also add that Verxact includes hundreds of examples of classes structured and classified by level in accordance with the CEFR requirements (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) that teachers can freely use so they can start giving online classes from day one.

CAE’s (Verxact) virtual classrooms include everything needed to teach language classes reliably and effectively. They have a virtual whiteboard with a projector so you can draw and point at anything you need to, as well as upload images or videos or materials in PDF, PPT or Word.

It also has a file repository where teachers can upload their presentations and students can download related materials directly from the class by videoconference, without having to upload them to the course.

In addition, all the information is stored automatically (and officially) to later generate reports with attendance records, assessments, prices…without the teacher having to record anything by hand.


Online content creation

With the Verxact authoring tool, you can create online courses with just one click. This interactive content creator is intuitive and easy to use. It does not require any technical knowledge: it is designed so that teachers themselves can develop course exercises and can modify them right away in order to quickly adapt to any changes. For example, add an extra pandemic vocabulary lesson that will become available to all of your students in just a few minutes.

Verxact includes Pills as reinforcements for your online classes (with your logo appearing in the course and customizable colors), which are 100% free to use. They also serve as inspiration to develop your own microlearning lessons that can be adapted to your center’s needs and curriculum.

These learning pills follow the CEFR requirements and due to their structure and content, you can start using them in online courses right now, in conjunction with your online classes.

Verxact’s online content creator allows you to create exercises with the best voice recognition system for language courses on the market, with real-time assessment of pronunciation, or grammar support (that you can connect to while working on each exercise).

Their content is part of their business card, and Verxact allows you to enhance it with a fully branded web portal that students can access from any device, connecting them to Verxact’s know-how.


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