The coronavirus health crisis will give way to a new normal in all areas of life, including the education system. Social distancing will be imposed and many of our habits will change, as we are already seeing. Among them, the relationship between language schools / learning centers and their students, who will undoubtedly undergo drastic changes. It is a turning point for the education sector, which has seen its digital transformation accelerate, adopting technology so advanced that at the previous rate it would have still taken several years.

E-learning in the new normal: key to your language center

The Guardian technology expert John Naughton points out in a newspaper editorial that the speed at which we are embracing new technology in this crisis is unprecedented. He contends that those who are unable to run their businesses online are at a real disadvantage.

(…) changes that would in pre-corona times have generated years of debate, dissent, hesitation, opposition and delay turn out to be possible overnight. John Naughton.


Blended Learning: best ally of the New Normal

The so-called new normal that will be established after COVID-19 will reduce the number of students in physical classrooms and will impose blended learning and remote learning as much as possible as the optimal measures for education in order to proceed without posing a risk to the students’ health.

In order to continue teaching now and in the case of new health events (outbreaks of coronaviruses or new viruses, or of any other type) it is necessary that we not lose sight of the fact that e-learning has been and still is the best resource to provide ongoing training and to prevent centers from closing their doors temporarily or permanently.


Discover what E-learning can do for your center in the new normal

Educational Tech to teaching online: more important than ever

This new normal for education implies using new technologies that allow teaching online classes, accessing syllabi and courses from home, monitoring students remotely in a comprehensive and justifiable way…in short, reliably and efficiently operating their language center online, with every guarantee. After 39+ years as leaders in training and educational technologies, at CAE we are very clear about what our clients need to keep their centers open and serve their students the same way they did in their usual physical space.

And we say this with the awareness of having stood by hundreds of centers that have needed our support to endure these difficult weeks, offering their students new online alternatives that until now they did not have. Many centers had never taught an online class, others had tried some free video conferencing software with no platform integration, which did not allow them to easily and reliably keep an official record and follow-up, nor did it offer reinforcement content in the same space. Both have been able to keep their schools open due to our learning environments and all the possibilities they offer from a single software; full access to their schools, with a user login.

Our software is designed for those with or without experience, since it’s easy to use and let’s you start teaching online from the very first day, including teachers experienced in giving online classes by videoconference and those who have never taught class using a webcam. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to offer classes online, especially during a time like this.

To accomplish this, it is essential to have a learning platform to give students access to classes and their content. These platforms integrate in one single space everything students need to advance in their courses with greater efficiency, allowing them to practice without any time restrictions and attend their face-to-face classes online in virtual classrooms. Furthermore, interactive activities increase student engagement, which on the one hand, increases their retention, and on the other, allows them to spend more time studying.

With Verxact, we want to simplify the digital transformation of centers with plans designed for opening their online school quickly and easily.


Try our Plans: web portal, virtual classroom and Pills

The best price so that bringing your classes and content online is as easy as possible. It includes a platform (with the logo, URL and colors of your brand) where your students can access virtual classrooms for their online classes. They can also access online reinforcement pills in English (A1-C1 CEFR content). For just €1 a month per student, you can now bring your school online. 

For centers that want to create their own content or create a shared online class schedule among several of its franchisees, consult the rest of the plans.