Relying on e-learning solutions solves the main problems of language centers and face-to-face academies. Among their most common concerns are group formation, dropout rates and increased enrollment. Educational platforms (LMS, Learning Management System), Virtual Classrooms (VCR) and creators of online content are key to modernize and offer your clients what is necessary to retain their assistance, whether in person or online.

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# Problems Forming Groups at your Language School

One of the challenges that every language course encounters is forming groups for their classes in an efficient and effective way, both for the school’s sake as well as the students’.

Language students are not homogeneous. Classes are generally composed of students who are all different ages with diverse backgrounds and who are at different levels. This tends to happen less in formal classes where students theoretically come from the same place or have similar backgrounds up until reaching that course.


# Why do your language students drop out?

Faced with an increasingly worrisome academic dropout (as pointed out by EPALE, Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe), solutions are needed to retain students. To avoid dropouts in language centers, several motivation and time flexibility systems are necessary that allow the student to maintain their interest in the study throughout the course, and finish it.

In the absence of space and schedules, the first mistake of many centers is to enroll students in classes above or below their level. If not in they are not in the right level, students may feel that they are wasting time, causing them to become bored or frustrated. Only when students see themselves progressing in their language learning are they able to stay motivated and continue studying.

The second mistake is to try to fit very varied people in rigid schedules. The pace of peoples’ lives has changed in recent years, and online training allows this to end the problems to reconcile studies with other activities and daily responsibilities. It is not surprising that each year the percentage of students who go to e-learning methods to start or continue their studies increases.


# Flexibility to increase enrollment

Among the most prominent reasons that lead to dropout a language course is the stiffness of the schedules and the difficulty of move in large cities. On the one hand, the levels-groups that offer an academy cannot be compatible with the students’ schedule (or they may be forced to leave classes if their work or family routines change). On the other hand, if getting to the center takes more time than will be spent in the it, there are many students who decide not to sign up.


Then, how to form groups, increase enrollment and avoid dropouts?

The technology applied to education allows to offer solutions to all these problems so that language centers can expand their classes with new content, new schedules and new modalities.


E-learning solutions: Educational technology to the rescue

Verxact integrates everything needed to modernize the centers and grow gradually:

  1. Open Schedules (managed with reservation agenda)
  2. Micro-learning (content creation and Learning Pills)
  3. Online Classes – Virtual Classroom
  4. Gamification


#1 Open Schedules

Offering time freedom to your students has multiple advantages, among the most outstanding are the optimization of teaching staff hours, but also the possibility of increasing enrollment and keeping them open all year. This way, the difficulty and the need to create groups each course beginning.

In addition, students are allowed to combine face-to-face, online and telephone modalities without having to stick to a preset choice or schedule.

How do you book a class with an open schedule?


#2 Online reinforcement

The online reinforcements or complements in the form of learning pills or courses, allow the student to review the lessons at home, at their own pace, and to combat the shortcomings they may present after school. In this way, it prevents some students from being off the hook, losing themselves and ending up abandoning the lack of progress and frustration that this generates.

Verxact (by CAE) integrates a content creator so that the centers themselves develop their learning pills in an easy and simple way. In addition, it includes hundreds of pills already developed and free to use.


 #3 Online Classes – Virtual Classroom

To offer students complete flexibility and get rid of the rigidity of groups, it is very beneficial for language centers to introduce online classes.

These classes, taught as traditional but in virtual classrooms, allow students to take their classes without moving to the language center and the resulting time savings: it can be the difference between power, not being able to attend.

Using different services for online classes creates duplications in services, additional expenses and wasted time. With a e-learning solutions specialized in language teaching like Verxact, face-to-face centers have everything you need to become experts in online classes from day one and be a reference in your sector. Verxact integrates in its platform access to web portal with classes, training pills, conversation groups, schedule book with automatic management, video conferencing and authoring tool.

Verxact virtual classrooms have a virtual whiteboard and file repository (with hundreds of class examples available to project on the board).


#4 Gamification

Gamification is the use of game mechanics in learning environment and non-playful applications in order to boost motivation, concentration, effort, loyalty and other positive values common to all the games. It started as a commercial strategy but the success of these sectors has led to start an investigation in the training sector and to prove the advantages of gamification for learning verifying the benefits and capacities of the game for the immense amount of knowledge acquisition.

Verxact’s web portal (educational platform) includes a gamification system designed to activate the student’s motivation with stars, trophies and medals that reward both their progression and their effort and dedication.


The combination of e-learning solutiosn with free schedules, gamification, videoconferencing and microlearning is essential to create 21st century language centers for 21st century students. All these services are more effective if they are integrated into the same platform that centers and students access and use quickly and easily, such as Verxact.


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