Group classes

Your teachers teach the group classes by videoconference as a classroom: exposing the lesson with the support of virtual whiteboard and its own materials. Verxact also offers support materials for each class and the registration and monitoring of its students and faculty. Your students can also book their classes on the site through the class schedule of their web portal for face-to-face or online classes.

Language courses with group classes

The Verxact software creates groups according to the reservations of its students, grouping the students, not only by schedule and level, but also according to the chosen modality and the objectives of the course they need to review.

By offering group classes with open schedules, the problems to form groups disappear.

Classes by group videoconference

Each student has a curriculum formed by different objectives-knowledge needed to pass the course (100% personalized by each center + course/learning pills).

As your students participate in videoconference classes (up to 6 or private) the system notes the objectives exceeded to assign new agenda items in future classes. The system also takes into account the contents of the on-site and telephone classes reserved through the platform, providing you with 100% progress tracking.

Teaching languages in group web classes (virtual classroom) tries to transfer the know-how in the classroom of your teachers to the online medium. With Verxact, we make sure that you have everything you need to expand your business with group online classes successfully.

Group Classes: face-to-face & Online

Personalized curriculum (by levels and objectives)


Online and on-site classes with fixed or open schedules


Easy and intuitive class booking system


Monitoring of students and teachers


Pre-defined objectives according to student needs


6 students per class maximum (configurable)

Expand your enrollment throughout the year

Flexible schedules and the possibility of offering classes 24/7 allow you to enroll a greater number of students: never refuse a student for time or space reasons. Class reservations are dynamic, schedules are closed as students choose their classes. This process closes 24 hours before class, although it can be configured to accept new students until the last minute.

With Verxact you can offer classes 24 hours a day. The reservation system combines schedules with other centers around the world, so that you can provide your students with classes through their web portal as part of their own schedule and center. Maintain control of your students at all times and receives records and follow-up of the classes received.


Individual classes