Converting face to face content into attractive and interactive language training is one of the main issues many language teaching professionals experience when they take their first steps in e-Learning both for 100% online education, for blended learning strategies with reinforcements, or for flipped classrooms.

interactive language training

Over the years, it has become normal to accumulate a great deal of learning materials on paper, PDF, PowerPoint presentations… All these learning materials reflect the know-how of our center and our teachers, and it is essential to integrate them as the content of our blended learning strategy. You have to keep in mind that it is not about starting from scratch, but about transforming what you already do to get your materials to take on a second life that allows you to apply them faster and offer much more information for your center (automated evaluation, data record for reports, etc.).


Characteristics of e-Learning materials

  • Accessible from any device connected to the network
  • Easily reusable
  • Shared resources – Real collaborative work
  • Interactive multimedia and enjoyable content
  • Automatic evaluation
  • Performance reports
  • Diversity of modalities
  • There is no limit on recipients (does not depend on sheets of paper, etc.)


Benefits of transforming your materials

Converting your files and paper exercises to an online course allows you to share with your students much more attractive materials, which boosts their motivation. In this way, not only does your center take advantage of the new format to get much more information from students, but they also benefit from the changes with more entertaining and fun activities. In the end, it is about moving from a paper exercise to an exercise that they must solve on their touch screens, so the possibilities multiply.

There are 4 benefits that stand out from the rest when we consider taking the step and transforming our materials into an e-Learning format:

  1. Improve student engagement with more attractive content (multimedia, gamification)
  2. Increase student retention and practice opportunities
  3. Improve the transfer of learning to the real world
  4. Avoid infections (virus like coronavirus epidemic). Avoid displacements. Do not miss class while on vacation.


# 1 Improve student engagement with more attractive content

The new multimedia and interactive formats that e-Learning provides allow you to create more attractive materials for your students, and therefore, their participation increases when they work with this type of content.

In order for students to achieve the objectives, they must complete their homework, so their “voluntary” participation is necessary. The e-Learning materials help to increase this participation by offering the student a more satisfactory experience. According to our latest studyHow is technology shaping language learning,” the tools demanded by language students the most are the interactive classes (followed by native teachers and free schedules).


# 2 Increase student retention and practice opportunities

The increase in participation also allows for an increase in the retention of the concepts studied. Interactive methods have also been shown to facilitate understanding.


# 3 Improve the transfer of learning to the real world

Using knowledge in real situations is the goal of all teaching, including language instruction. Moving from theory to action is not always easy, which is why it is so important to use materials that help students easily apply what they have learned. When working with obsolete formats, learning is not as practical compared to when other e-learning strategies are used.


# 4 Avoid contagion. Do not miss classes due to schedules or illnesses

In situations where students cannot travel to the classroom (such a lockdown for a virus outbreak as we are assisting with COVID-19 or coronavirus), the option of having a web portal to connect to perform their lessons and attend online classroom lessons is essential. Either for reasons of illness, to avoid contagion of viruses or diseases, for low states, for being outside the city … with a web portal such as Verxact that integrates the content of its center with videoconferencing software to teach classes online, your students can continue their course comfortably from home or from any point of the globe in which they are.


Verxact Authoring Tool, interactive content with one click

The ease with which content is created with the Verxact Authoring Tool allows you to develop materials in a few minutes and publish them directly on your web portal with just one click.

Creating complete online courses or effective interactive language training pills is very easy thanks to the more than 15 exercise templates that the tool has, which are designed to simplify the creation of materials. Among them, we can engage in listening activities, reorder words or phrases, join with arrows, complete crosswords, respond to true and false statements, participate in vocabulary showcases …

We cannot forget the potential of the voice recognition software, which allows students to assess their pronunciation and receive feedback in real time, thanks to a color system that allows them to easily work out their shortcomings.

If you would like more information about interactive language training and how exercises are created with the Verxact content creator, you can request access to our Webinar “How to easily create online courses” to see a sample of the tool. You can also choose one of our Verxact plans and start your transformation today!


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