To master any language, everyone must practice it regularly and consistently over a long period of time. Create online language courses, since they are one of the most effective methods that can be implemented for anyone to achieve it. And, is that, the longer and more intensely a person immerses himself in a language through an online course, the easier it will be to acquire fluency.

Creating online language courses can be quite simple and easy as long as you have the right technological partner. With Verxact, all training and language centers have the opportunity to quickly and easily become e-learning academies while enhancing their brand image.

With our learning suite platform you can start and grow in the online training business without worries and with all the guarantees. With the help of this Verxact tool, you will have the opportunity to create content and online courses, organize classes or materials. The platform with a language course creator facilitates the management of online classes in different languages, allowing everything to be integrated in the same easy-to-use environment for both students and teachers.

Creating online language courses with the Verxact creation tool is very simple. In just a few minutes, schools, training centers or language centers can digitize their content on paper or PDF in legitimate e-learning courses or, in other words, in interactive courses that include multimedia materials.


create online language courses


Creation of online language courses with the Verxact Authoring Tool

By the end of 2025 the e-learning market is expected to reach 325 billion dollars. This data shows how the online training industry is expanding and consolidating as a training modality throughout the world.

Every day more emerging education companies are choosing to make their way into the digital industry. You just need to choose the right technology and software to have a world-class e-learning platform.

In this article, we explain how to create online language courses with the Verxact Authoring Tool. The only authoring tool specialized in creating interactive courses and content for language training.

With this platform you will have everything you need to start online training or blended learning. You will be able to develop your digital materials in just a few clicks and your students will be able to access all of it from any device with a network connection and at any time. If you want to know more … keep reading!


100% responsive and pedagogically effective templates

Verxact’s tool for creating online language courses offers authors 100% responsive templates. These templates are easily reproducible on all types of devices and allow you to easily create different exercises and online content for your center.

Crosswords, listening activities or with voice recognition are some of the different exercises that can be created in these templates.


Easy to use, developed for teachers and trainers

No technical knowledge is required. To create online courses quickly and easily, Verxact presents this tool that is designed so that their own teachers or trainers can create their activities or exercises in an easy and intuitive way.

It is so easy to use that in a short period of time anyone will have gotten used to using this system that allows content to be presented interactively. Creating or editing modules, expanding lessons and exercises, and uploading audiovisual material are just some of the actions that this tool allows.


Allows you to use your own audiovisual media to create online courses

Use your know-how and your audiovisual materials to create unique online content that allows you to distinguish yourself from the rest of your competition.

Upload audios, videos, vocabularies, images, etc. to develop complete online courses and that serve in turn to offer a complement to their face-to-face classes. The important thing about these online courses is that they manage to reflect the methodology and philosophy of your center at all times.


Share ready-to-use content

If you don’t have a lot of content online at first … don’t worry! This tool includes many free sample pills that you can use to start developing your own materials.

In addition, they are ready to use whenever you want and are divided by levels, which in itself greatly facilitates the work.

These materials meet the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages ​​and are developed by education specialists.

They inspire and quickly show you all that can be accomplished with the Verxact Authoring Tool!

If what you want is to create an online language course, at Verxact we make it possible. With our Authoring Tool you can generate exercises and e-learning activities in just a few steps. You will be able to create continuity between your face-to-face modality and digital options. In addition, the user system will allow you to cooperate online and the automatic assessment will offer you direct feedback with the students.

If you want to know more about this online content creation tool, please contact us.


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