How to teach online all language centers come at a time: the one in which you want to increase the enrolments and leave behind some stagnation. To continue growing, offering classes by videoconference is an excellent choice. To do this, the centers must be backed by quality software specialized in language training that offers all the specific tools that teachers and  students demandn in this type of teaching.

How to teach online


How to teach online like a pro

Let’s review 10 tips on how to teach online that will help language centers interested in adding classes by videoconference to their offer, start as real professionals in the sector.


#1 Using a web platform with everything you need integrated.

Using different services for online classes creates duplications in services, additional expenses and wasted time. With a solution specialized in language teaching like Verxact, face-to-face centers have everything you need to become experts in online classes from day one and be a reference in your sector. Verxact integrates in its platform access to web portal with classes, training pills, conversation groups, schedule book book with automatic management, video conferencing and authoring tool.


#2 Brand Image.

Differentiating from the competition is essential to loyalty to students, and when giving the classes online it is important that the professionalism of your center is transmitted. Videoconferencing classes are the same face-to-face classes taken to the online medium. The Verxact virtual classroom has a file repository with more than 250 class examples to project onto the virtual whiteboard.


#3 Network connection.

Within the brand image that transmits quality, you also have to take into account technical aspects, such as internet connection or image quality. They want to give the teachers who teach these classes to have medium equipment and be wired to the network to avoid the instability that wit can most often cause.


#4 Virtual Whiteboard

The use of the virtual board makes the class enjoyable and allows teachers to rely on audiovisual content to give their classes. Verxact includes more than 250 examples of classes developed by objectives and topics that teachers can freely use.


#5  Planning

Every online class is like a traditional class, and therefore to teach online also needs your planning. The Verxact system, when creating class groups, also assigns the objectives that need to be reviewed in each class based on the goals passed and to be exceeded by the students. This notifies the teacher (at the tutor center and via email) and suggests class examples for projecting objective-related on the virtual whiteboard.


#6 Feedback

Without feedback you can’t improve. For this reason, Verxact collects the assessment and the notes of each student after each of the classes. This information can be easily downloaded in full reports. In addition, students also rate teachers.


#7 Open Hours

Offering open schedules for online classes offers flexibility to students, who can adapt their need for training with their pace of life and obligations. The Verxact booking schedule automatically manages the available schedules of teachers and tutors to create group and individual classes optimizing their time.


#8 Extra Add-ons

Online language classes, take the traditional classroom to the digital medium, and as in this one, it is normal for students to need to review the lesson at home in supplementary material. Verxact’s educational pills and online courses allow centers to offer home reinforcements that strengthen the lesson and give the student the opportunity to review those goals with which he has the most difficulty not to be left behind without having to repeat the class.


#9 Personalized Curriculum

Each student has specific needs and the educational platforms allow each student’s online class course to be different, depending on their goals. In addition, Verxact automatically manages these objectives to create class groups with the same needs and macerates those that are exceeded so that the center only cares about teaching the classes that the system assigns and tracking.


#10 24-hour hours

In addition to open hours, another feature of online classes that gives students a lot of flexibility are 24-hour schedules. In order for centers to offer this time coverage, Verxact has created a network of international centers that offer their English classes to achieve a global schedule. Thanks to the Verxact algorithm, the profitability of teachers with fuller classes and extension of schedules is optimized.


How to teach online language classes professionally and productively depends on many factors. These 10 tips to how to teach online can help face-to-face language academies take their first steps with blended learning and videoconferencing classes successfully from day one. The fundamental trick is to rely on an e-learning expert whose experience of more than 38 years is reflected in Verxact solutions, designed for all kinds of centers: from those that do not yet have teachers or equipment to teach online franchises that they need a closed system in which to offer their classes online among all their centers.


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