Individual classes

Offer individual classes with your teachers by videoconference, telephone or on-site with online reservation, which facilitates an automated and fast management of your teachers’ schedule.

Language courses with individual/private classes

Verxact allows you to teach individual classes in your language center (one 2 one) by videoconference. These private lessons can also be given on-site or by telephone, depending on the possibilities offered by your language center. Reservations are made through the student’s own web portal for any of the modalities. In this way, its center automatically manages the class schedule of its teachers and students, both open and fixed.

In telephone classes, the software displays student data to easily get in contact.

The system records all the activity of its teachers and students, with monitoring of the classes taught and the evaluation received by each student to generate complete performance reports.

Individual online English classes

Verxact software offers your language center the tools necessary to teach and manage on-site, online and individual telephone classes. From the first day, your center will offer online classes and open schedules in a professional manner.


Personalized curriculum (by levels and objectives)


Online, on-site and telephone classes with open timetables


Easy and intuitive class booking system


Monitoring of students and teachers


Pre-defined objectives according to student needs

Interactive support materials for individual online classes

For online classes by videoconferencing (VCR), Verxact has prepared didactic and interactive materials that the trained English teacher can use during the class by projecting them on the virtual whiteboard. Also, with the Authoring Tool, your center can prepare your digital content easily and quickly, with an intuitive editor that facilitates the creation of materials without technical knowledge.

How to extend 24-hour schedules in individual classes

Do you want to extend class hours online to extend your enrollment? Outside of your schedule, Verxact software will allow your students to book private English lessons 24 hours a day (with certified teachers from other language centers around the world through you).

These classes are taught through your web portal with the image of your brand. Your center maintains control of its students, receiving real-time records of the monitoring of their classes and their assessments. According to hiring option, your academy hires packages with closed prices or sets the maximum price per class you wish to pay.


Group Classes