Interactive whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard for your online classes! Verxact offers support materials for online classes that you can project them on the virtual whiteboard for all your students.

The Verxact videoconferencing space makes it easier for your teachers to use virtual boards where they can interact with the class as in traditional teaching. In addition, they can project materials provided by Verxact or their own content.

Write or draw what you need at any time

The whiteboard includes marker, paintbrush, laser point, pen…

Project your own material

The whiteboard and projector is the ideal place to load PPT presentations, PDF files and DOC (Word) documents prepared for the session

Over 250 English classes of all levels

Verxact has prepared class examples to support your English classes that can be projected on the interactive whiteboard of the videoconferencing software when using the Tutor Center. These educational materials are associated to each class according to the pre-defined objectives for it, and have been designed by linguistic experts with years of experience in language teaching.

All materials are classified according to their corresponding levels in the CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1).

The Verxact online class methodology allows your center to teach non-linear online classes, unlike traditional courses. According to the main objectives that the group conformed with free time should study, the software proposes a series of contents under a specific theme to make the class more enjoyable and dynamic. These topics have presentations associated with grammar, vocabulary, and exercises to encourage class participation, etc.

Materials in the 24×7 network

The class examples developed by Verxact to project on the interactive whiteboard are free to use. The 24/7 network centers are not required to use them. Nor in classes outside the global language school network. These contents can serve as a basis for each center to develop its materials according to its know-how and the curriculum of its center.

Differentiate yourselves from the competition

Create your own online courses