Exclusive Solution for Language Centers

The Verxact comprehensive language center solution offers all the services and resources that face-to-face centers need to grow by adding: The most advanced e-learning technology to become a reference leader in the sector; to increase enrollment and optimize teachers’ time; online reinforcements to combat drop-outs and improve the level of your students, as well as online payment options and class reservations to streamline and optimize management.

Interactive Content Materials, Online courses, Learning Pills, Videoconferencing and Class management software for language centers

Verxact videoconferencing software makes it easier for language centers to teach in a new modality: online classes at free or fixed times. With this modality, academies and language centers offer their students a much more flexible proposal that allows them to choose their day-to-day schedule according to their needs, without committing to a specific day or time and with the same effectiveness of a classroom.

The same effectiveness of a classroom and all the advantages of e-learning

Classes by videoconference consisting of transferring the classroom to the online medium: a certified teacher teaching with a projector and blackboard. Only in the case of classes through Verxact, the board and the projector are virtual. The know-how of its center is embodied in each web class, with the advantage that it is a flexible class in schedules, without displacements and that despite this, it does not lose contact between students, the social part of the class , the interaction between students and teachers …

Four options for the Verxact Language Center Solution

Each language center has different needs. That is why with Verxact we have created different levels according to the situation and the growth objective of each center. Verxact Language Center Solution helps them to grow, it is the digital impulse that transforms them into language centers of the 21st century. Centers can change levels as they grow and can expand their options.

4 Language Center Solution

Grade Level blended/online growth of your center

Verxact Language Center Solution


Turn your language center into a online training specialist