Complete Network Plan

for franchises
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  • Web Platform
  •  Your brand (white label)
  • Authoring Tool (courses and exams builder)
  •  + Free Microlearning Pills: 1500 examples UK English, US English, A1-C1, Spanish A1-B2, French A1-A2
  • Video conference**  (chat, session recording, screen share, queue system)
  • Virtual Whiteboard
  • File Repository (200+ free sample classes)
  • Tutor Center –  24×7 Network 
  • Tracking and evaluation reports
  • Gamification
  • Tech Support
  • Installation
  • Online Training
  • SSL
  • E-mail notification (customizable)

Complete Plan DEMO: See Verxact in action!
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To request a Complete Network Plan demo for your franchise network  contact us.

* Price  USA $/€ by registered student/month or fraction. Minimum 90 students/month (Complete Plan). Annual commitment 3,000 $/€,

Installation & Training- 250 $/€.

Customer exclusive web portal environment only with personalized brand image (color change, logo, etc.), with the contents of each center.

Free Examples  microlearning skill pill for language eLearning  to create your own courses: UK/US English A1-C1 CEFR, Spanish A1-B1 CEFR, French A1-A2 CEFR. Duration between 10-15 minutes with each client’s own brand.

Authoring Tool to create your own courses for the Verxact Platform. Create lessons in a few minutes with your own methodology and the EdTech of CAE.

**Video conference (25 students and tutor, one2one meetings, schedule classes or open classroom, audio/video recording, private and group chat, host control -evaluation, tracking-, 12 feedback actions) with virtual whiteboard and empty file repository for your materials. Use of the video conference: 0.20 $/€ per hour. Nothing will be charged if not used.
Create your whiteboard materials on PDF, PPT, DOC…