All plans include


Installation & online training*** (initial payment)


Virtual whiteboard, file repository, session recording, screen sharing, chat ( with the optional video conference)


Tracking and evaluation reports, gamification, e-mail notifications (customizable)


SSL, Technical Support

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Frequently asked questions about Verxact Complete Plan / Complete Plan with POS

What does the Verxact Complete Plan include?

The complete Plan includes a web portal, content creator and virtual classroom installation for 50 students per month (or 30 days from start date) for 125 $ / € per month. Additional students: price $ 2.50 / € extra per student per month (or 30 days from start date).

What do I need to start using Verxact?

Both administrators and students access through the web browser of any device. For hiring you will need to fill in your personal data (including the TAX ID of your company) and make the payment for the first month online.

Can I only have 90 students?

No, the fixed monthly fee covers 50 students, the rest of your students from there will be charged individually at $ 2.50 / € per student per month (or 30 days from the start date).

What does the Authoring Tool include?

The Content Creator or Authoring Tool includes sample training pills that you can share with your students or use as inspiration to create your materials. Sample pills of UK English, US English, French and Spanish are included. Also, Reinforcement courses (evaluation tests + learning pills) and interactive eBooks. This content follows the CEFR requirements.This content follows the CEFR requirements.

Authoring Tool: 2GB of cloud storage Additional 4GB/6GB)

How can I use the the included Pills?

The English, French and Spanish pills included in the Authoring Tool as a sample can be used as a supplement to your face-to-face classes as well as support for daily lessons (“homework”), as a general reinforcement throughout the course.

Can I create my courses with my logo?

Both the content created and the pills included in the Authoring Tool show exclusively the logo of your center.

What is the price of the videoconference? **

Video conferencing is pay-per-use. Its price is 0.20 $/€ per hour or session / student.

If I don't use videoconferencing, will I be charged? **

Video conferencing is installed in your Verxact Learning Suite, but is only charged if it is used. In this way, the centers that only use Verxact to share online supplements to face-to-face classes, do not have to pay anything for it. Video conference price: pay per use: 0.20 $/€ per hour or session per student.

What do I need to let my students pay online their courses?

Offer your students the possibility of booking and paying online for their courses through their own bank payment gateway. The system automatically manages the purchase and adds it to your student’s profile

Installation, Online Training and Point of sale ***

The installation and training payment is a one-time payment at the start of the contract. The rest of the months, your center only pays the monthly fee for 50 students plus all the additional students (at $ 2.50 / € per student per month or 30 days from the start date).


If you choose the option with Point of Sale (Complete Plan with POS) you also will pay for the POS in a one-time payment at the start of the contract.

Do you offer other plans for large volumes of students?

If you have a franchise with more than three language centers, contact Sales for a personalized quote that meets your needs.

* Price  USA $/€ by registered student/month or 30 days since start date. Monthly payment, annual license. Complete pack.Includes first month 50 students/month (or 30 days from the start date): 125 $/€. Adittional enrolments: price by registered student/month or 30 days from the start date: 2,50 $/€.