Level test

Standard level test to measure the readiness of your students that quickly indicates the course in which they should start. Create your own English level test with the integrated authoring tool! 100 % customizable.

Evaluate your students’ language skills quickly and easily

The included level test allows you to assess your students’ language skills with a simple test that measures their English proficiency.

After the test, the system automatically evaluates the student’s knowledge and suggests a level to start their English classes at their center.

The standard level tests are designed to determine the level of the students according to their grammatical knowledge, vocabulary, their listening and speaking skills, but the centers can design their own exams according to their methodology or curriculum.

Customize your level test

Adapt the Verxact level test proposals with your know-how to reflect the requirement of your language center.

Create as many level tests as you need with the authoring tool built into the platform.

This creation tool, which also allows you to design knowledge points as reinforcement for your students, is easy to use and does not require technical knowledge to create tests and exercises in a few minutes.

Design your own online level test

Online test that measures the 4 main skills: speaking, reading, listening, and writing


Voice recognition for a complete pronunciation assessment


Adapted to major international standards such as the CEFR

Level test aligned with the requirements of the CEFR

Like the CEFR, the level test measures the student’s skills and knowledge in listening, speaking, reading and writing, the four main skills to master in the study of any language.

Once the test is finished, the student and the center receive the results so that they can comment on the enrollment if both agree with the level acquired.


Virtual whiteboard in your videoconferencing classes