Methodology Online Classes

To teach languages through video conferencing, it is necessary a methodology to ensure that students finish the course having learned the educational objectives associated with their level (CEFR A1-C1).

Unlike other formats, the student does NOT choose the topic of their online classes. It is the software itself that sets the most suitable objectives for the next class, according to which the student has pending to overcome in their curriculum.

In this way, Verxact guarantees controls and follow-ups of your students, moving away from the disorganization of courses and classes of free subject or free time. This allows a progressive advance in language learning.


The system forms the classes according to pending objectives of the students

The most optimal objective for student progress is automatically assigned according to their course and objectives already exceeded.

Objectives under CEFR requirements

The objectives of the online courses (and extra activities) follow the CEFR rules and their levels.


Tracking and registration of classes

The software offers the center complete records of all the classes taught so you can do an exhaustive monitoring of each student at any time. 


Repeat topics not passed

If the evaluation on a target has not been favorable, the system will take it into account.

Your on-site, video-conference, and telephone classes