Verxact has added new “Reinforcement” English courses to the content catalog included in the Authoring Tool. These courses, available in British English (UK) and American English (USA) assess the learners existing knowledge of a language in order to offer them individualized support in the areas where they need it most. With this, it is possible for all students to follow the rhythm of the course without getting lost.

Reinforcement courses in the Verxact Platform


Why New Reinforcement Methods Are So Important Now

Training centers and language schools from all parts of the globe are adapting their traditional methodologies to continue their trainings safely and effectively.

The challenge is not easy: instead of a gradual, digital transformation, they are faced with giving a radical change that allows them not to close their centers to meet social distancing, lockdowns and the students’ fears. Students have already begun to change their preferences regarding face-to-face classes or online classes. According to the article in The Guardian “Students like the flexibility: why online universities are here to stay“, very few students have canceled their registrations after classes went from face-to-face to online, and the first impressions are good because of the flexibility that the format offers: classes get recorded, materials are available in repositories…

It is a very big change, not only for these centers, but also for students, who are not used to the online methodology (blended learning, flipped classroom). Therefore, it is necessary to adopt certain approaches that help them and assist them in their online study. With support methods like the Reinforcement courses, we make sure to assess each student’s real knowledge and provide extra activities that allow them to improve through practice.

In a face-to-face class, teachers have direct contact with their students and are able to appreciate the deficiencies of the group more easily than in distance training. It is therefore important to have support that allows us to overcome the limitations of screens and forums.

And why not say it, even go one step further.

The Reinforcement courses are also the perfect complement to the face-to-face classes.  In traditional classes it is difficult to get personalized attention, since the number of students restricts the time we have in the classroom.

Structure of Reinforcement English courses

The new support English courses in the Verxact Platform incorporate a double track of work. Students start by taking a test to assess their knowledge according to specific objectives. According to the test results, the system will automatically assign the learner the pills that will review any areas or objectives where they have shown certain deficiencies.

How are these courses different from a traditional review?


5 key points that make it clear why you should introduce this type of support course in your class strategy:


# 1 Personalized and individual reinforcement.

Based on the results of the initial test, the students or the teacher can quickly see in which training pills to find the concepts that they do not understand or need to review. Students spend their time on what really helps them improve and not on general reviews of concepts that they already master.


# 2 Evaluation time.

For teachers, it would be unfeasible to carry out this detailed analysis by objectives with each of the students and send them the corresponding review activities. The automatic correction of tests and support exercises saves time for teachers, and it can be used for more productive tasks.


# 3 Homogenization of the group.

When individual student problems cannot be solved as they arise, the level of students within the group becomes unbalanced. The purpose of the support pills is precisely to maintain a harmonized level, preventing students from dropping off the class.


# 4 Control over activities outside the classroom.

Teachers can check the results of these activities, so they always have a record of who is working at home and how these exercises are going.


# 5 More time in class for hands-on activities.

Students work on their own and at their own pace at home, so the time to review in class can be invested in other more practical exercises such as games, debates, pronunciation practices…


Don’t forget that no matter how technologically native your students may be, the shift from classroom training to online training is a difficult transition. These courses help them not to miss a beat while they get used to the new educational reality. The teacher does not dominate the learning process, but the student must organize and show willingness and interest without being constantly guided. Aids such as Reinforcement courses are great allies to make your training a success, in any context, but especially now.


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