Offer online classes in your center all 24 hours

Being part of an international network of centers that share their English classes makes it possible to offer online class schedules. The entire 24 hours to their students and fill their own classes with students from all over the world.

Join the Verxact 24/7 global network

Verxact connects thousands of language centers around the world to combine their offer of language classes. While also making the most of your English teacher’s schedule.

Complete your classes online

Our Verxact algorithm allows sharing and maximizing classes with the language center network for greater availability 24 hours a day.

Your center configures the degree of adherence to the network and parameterizes the results that your students see in the online classroom. You can configure your class schedule grid by schedule, costs, native/non-native, location. In this way, there will not be two centers in the world that show the same schedule grid at the same time and will be able to veto the teachers of their competition.

For your students, the teachers who appear on the grid are part of your own staff. They do not have access to the country/center from which they teach. No information is exchanged about the origin of the teachers shown in the schedules. Everything is done under your brand image.


Offer schedules for all 24 hours

The best language centers with their native teachers participate in classes internationally. Which allows them to offer schedules 24 hours a day, 7 days per week from which all centers take advantage of to expand their schedules without increasing their hiring of more teachers.

Once you are part of the network, you can connect your students’ reservation agenda with the global agenda and offer your students 24h online classes always under your brand. Maintain full control of your students and receive follow-up reports and notes of the classes they have received outside of their schedule.

Join the Verxact 24/7 global network

Online 24-hour class schedule connected to thousands of centers


Digital agenda to easily book on-site, online or telephone classes


Make the most of your teachers' hours with open schedules in all modalities, also in person!


Greater profitability for your language center: no issues forming groups, more enrollments, lower dropout


Class booking agenda