Offer open schedules for your online classes with a unique calendar between your centers

Verxact Tutor Center

Manage your online class schedules more optimally with the Verxact Tutor Center: a comprehensive tutor and class manager, an incredible tool that will help you make the most of your online teachers’ schedule.

Tutor management

Each online training tutor has their own profile in the application to add their schedules, check their next classes and rate the students after the virtual class sessions.


Class management

By introducing the time availability of each of your teachers, instead of fixed class times, the system optimizes the available calendar so that your center can offer up to 5 times more classes than with a fixed schedule. The daily schedule is created automatically depending on the demand of your students.


Parameterizable reports

All the information about the classes taught, the attendance and the prices is registered in the platform to quickly access whenever you need it to complete reports customizable by teacher or by center, in the case of franchises.

Optimization of online hours in language franchises

Verxact Tutor Center is specially designed so that franchises and language center networks can share their classes online and avoid duplication in schedules.

Your web portal shows a single calendar of online classes for all your centers, which allows you to extend your schedules in flipped classroom courses or practical conversation classes.

Online 24-hour class schedule


Digital agenda to easily book on-site, online or telephone classes


Make the most of your teachers' hours with open schedules in all modalities, also in person!


Greater profitability for your language center: no issues forming groups, more enrollments, lower dropout

Complete your classes

Our Verxact algorithm allows you to share and maximize classes with your network of language centers for greater availability, even 24 hours a day.

Each center configures the degree of adherence to the network and parameterizes the results that its students see in the common online class grid. You can configure your schedule by time, costs, native / non-native, location …

For your students, the teachers that appear on the grid are part of your own staff. They do not have access to the country / center from which the class is taught. No information is exchanged about the origin of the teachers shown in the timetables. Everything is done under your brand image.

You can connect your students’ booking agenda with the global agenda and offer your students online classes 24 hours a day, always under your brand. Your center maintains full control of your students and receives follow-up reports and notes of the classes they have received outside of your hours. At the same time, your online classes may also appear in the common class grid and complete your online classes with students from other centers. In this case, you won’t have access to any non-educational information about the student.


Class booking agenda