Online content creation

 With the online content creation tool (authoring tool) for language training professionals, creating online activities for your students is a very simple task.

Upload your vocabulary, images, audios, videos, objectives to develop complete online courses to accompany your classes.

Create all the training you want as blended reinforcement for your face to face classes, with Micro-learning pills or complete courses. 

Develop your professionally finished digital materials in a few clicks.


No technical knowledge

It does not require technical knowledge precisely because it is designed so that their own teachers can create their activities in an easy and intuitive way, abandoning the paper and taking advantage of interactive content: automatic evaluation, voice recognition, use of audiovisual materials, interactivity, etc.


Responsive Templates

Easily create all kinds of exercises thanks to the templates included in the tool. These templates, which are 100% responsive, reproduce without problems on all types of devices. Create listening exercises, link concepts, true or false, crosswords, and many more. Use video, audio, text, voice recognition tool.


Only with your brand

Learning Pills and courses that you develop with the online course creation tool, only show your brand (your logo, your colors, etc.). In this way a continuity is created between your face-to-face modality and the digital options. 


Automatic evaluation

The activities that you create with the authoring tool are evaluated automatically. Students can immediately check their performance, and teachers have instant access to follow-up reports.


Out of class reinforcement


Flipped classroom


Classroom activities


100% online courses

You can use the hundreds of Pills as example to start developing your own materials. These ready-to-use learning pills are divided by levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and work on one or more objectives around a given topic.

They have been developed by specialists in education so that they remain as inspiration and sample of everything you can achieve with the Verxact Authoring Tool. Use your know-how and your materials (audiovisual and paper exercises) to create unique interactive content that makes you stand out from the rest of your competition and allows you to turn your center into an online academy.

The online content interface is customized to the image of your brand so that the students of the center immediately recognize the contents as your own. In this way, continuity is created between the personalized web platform (class agenda, materials, video conferencing classes) and the support extras and online courses.

Authoring tool for Online Content Creation


Turn your center into an online academy