The know-how of your center with a personalized study plan

Your own Verxact allows you to create online classes in English or other languages with a personalized study plan (your personalized English course). Easily adapt the syllabus and structure of your classroom courses to your online classes to meet the needs of your students by printing the personality of your center.


100% freedom for the center


Over 250 class examples


Support objectives


Easily editable

Requirements for 24/7 classes

To be part of the global network of classes and English, the syllabus must include the objectives set for each level. Verxact provides all customers with complementary materials for the online classes proposed for each objective. The center is free to use them or project their own materials.

Curriculum for online classes offered by other centers

To teach languages through video conferencing, it is necessary a methodology to ensure that students finish the course having learned the educational objectives associated with their level (CEFR A1-C1).

Unlike other formats, in the 24/7 network, the student does NOT choose the subject (given the lack of knowledge of their needs). It is the software itself that sets the most suitable objectives for the next class (the most appropriate according to those who have pending exceeding in their curriculum).

In this way, Verxact guarantees controls and monitoring of its students, moving away from the disorganization of courses and classes of open thematic, open schedule. This allows a progressive advance in language learning.

Personalized Study Plan

Virtual whiteboard in your videoconferencing classes