Complete Plan with POS

Payment by registered student/month (or 30 days from the start date): 2,80 $/€ *.

browser icon Education Platform (Installation: your logo, colors, URL: 125$/€ / Training 125$/€)**.

chat icon Videoconference +virtual whiteboard +empty file repository.

pencil iconAuthoring Tool to create your own online courses + ready to use content (Pills English, French, Spanish & more).

pencil icon Point of sale (POS) to sell your courses online (450 $/€)**.

Annual License.

Avoid closing your language center
with your own web class portal


* Monthly payment. Includes 90 students/month or 30 days from the start date: 250 $/€. Adittional enrolments: price by registered student/month or 30 days from the start date: 2,80 $/€. Use of video conference: 0.20 $/€ per hour/session per student.

** Installation payment: one time only.


This plan includes:

  • Web Platform (Customizable web portal -your logo, your brand- that gives your students access to your content, and your classes anywhere and whenever).
  • Your own Point of Sale to sell your courses online.
  • Your brand (white label platform and your logo in the Pills courses).
  • Authoring Tool (courses and exams builder) + Sample Pills courses (500+ UK English, 500+ US English, A1-C1; Spanish A1-B2; French A1-A2). Microlearning already developed (CEFR) which you can use freely with your logo or as inspiration for your own content. Duration between 10-15 minutes + Reinforcement courses + Interactive eBooks
  • Video conference (group classes, one2one meetings, webinars, schedule classes or open classroom, audio recording, private and group chat, host control -evaluation, tracking-, 12 feedback actions).
  • Virtual Whiteboard.
  • File Repository (cloud space for your materials).
  • Tracking and evaluation reports.
  • Gamification.
  • Tech Support
  • Installation.
  • Online Training.
  • SSL.
  • E-mail notification (customizable).


The price includes: Implementation 250 $/€ (Installation + Online training -one time only payment-) + Point of sale system 450 $/€ (one time only payment) + 90 enrolments monthly subscription (2,80 $/€ per student -monthly payment-). Each extra enrolment from 90 has a price of 2,80 $/€ per student/month.