Registration and monitoring of
classes taught

Verxact offers to the language centers complete reports of evaluation and follow-up of classes taught by their teachers and the classes attended by their students who can comfortably consult from the platform (registration and monitoring).



Attendance Records

Generate online class attendance reports

Multi-format reports

Download your reports in different formats (PDF, CSV)

Comprehensive registration and monitoring of your courses, classes, students and teachers. Through the platform, you can generate automatic reports with listings of all the classes carried out, with the date, duration, tutor, price, assistants, format and scores obtained by your teachers through the assessments of the students.

It includes the registration of the classes taught in the combined network of centers 24×7 by their teachers and which their students access outside their schedule with other international centers.


Simple administration

The reports help you manage student and teacher classes in a simple way

Verxact offers you a fully automated reporting and tracking system that will help you have the most complete information at all times.

Easily manage all the information generated in the system: online classes, on-site, and telephone reservations, lessons attended, class notes, and evaluation.


Information at the moment

Reports always available for your on-screen query. 

Reports are always available in Verxact for any questions that the centers require. In addition, its automatic generation can be programmed to keep a regular check of your center’s information.

Schedule your follow-up reports

your on-site, video-conference, and telephone classes