In the last few months, many training and language centers have had their first experiences in remote teaching, tips like the ones we will review below have helped them adapt to the new needs of their business. Furthermore, during this period we have put all our know-how at your service to support you in this transition between traditional methods and methods with edTech e-learning.

Remote Teaching Tips

Online education represented a much lower percentage before the coronavirus pandemic than it represents just 3 months later. If we,, were to repeat our international study analyzing language centers next year, we are sure that the results would be little or nothing similar to the conclusions we reached in the one we published this January 2020. The health crisis has accelerated the adoption of educational technology and, therefore, some statements that were valid then, are not valid anymore only a few months later.

The game board has changed and remote training and blended learning to lower attendance rates in physical classrooms seem the only valid moves to continue in the game.

For many language centers, the introduction of the Verxact platform with the Pills courses (English, Spanish, French) and integrated online classes was their first contact with the world of e-learning and we know that there were many concerns about this lack of experience. However, our platform is developed so that it can be used without any previous experience.

For all the teachers who have started or are starting to teach their English training online, we propose 6 remote teaching tips that can be very useful for making their online courses as effective and satisfactory as the face-to-face ones.


Remote teaching: tips for your online training

# 1 Planning online live classes

In a traditional classroom you can do certain activities with the students and, in a virtual classroom, some other different ones. With this in mind, it is important to adapt the lessons in this regard. For example, students can practice in pairs, but they will have to take turns, or they can prepare activities that can be answered using the interactions in the Verxact virtual classroom (agree, raise their hands…).


#2 Know all the tools at your disposal

Know the virtual classroom to use all the tools. Verxact classrooms are intuitive and easy to manage, a quick look at it is enough to identify all its possibilities and learn to use the whiteboard, the repository, the main screen change from whiteboard to video feed, permissions or interactions. Also, you need to get familiar with the reports, a very efficient way to check the progress of your students.


#3 Maintain students’ attention

Durign the online classes, asks students regularly. By not being in front of the teachers, students’ attention can disperse more easily, so an extra effort should be made to maintain their attention. The requirement for interactions or practical exercises can be very useful.


#4 Download evalution reports regularly

Have monitoring and evaluation notes that help you follow the progress of the students in an automated way both in the online classes and in the learning pills courses. It is important to analyze the deficiencies that the students present in the interactive lessons to work on them in the classroom.


#5 Accessibility after class

The student does not have the possibility of approaching the teacher’s table after the class or approaching the teachers in the corridor, so it is important to provide them with private ways to contact. This way students can raise questions that they do not want to expose to the whole class or that arise while they carry out the exercises in the course. Verxact platform includes a messaging system to contact tutors by text or voice. It is integrated in the same portal and can be used to raise general questions or associated to a specific lesson in your pills.


#6 Visual content

The contents that are projected on the virtual whiteboard can have images, diagrams, infographics, listening activities or videos to help make the class more enjoyable. The same applies for additional materials left in the repository. The activities in the learning pills courses present pleasant images and videos that can act as a guide when preparing your class presentations.



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