Create your own materials and share them with
your student body with the material repository

The Verxact online, on-site and telephone class management system includes an authoring tool so that your center can create all the materials you need to complement your classes (in any form).

It is the only authoring tool on the market specifically developed to help you create language training experiences that meet the expectations and demands of your students.

Students can find these e-learning contents in the material repository of the exclusive website of the center and language school.


Intuitive and easy to use Authoring Tool

The Authoring Tool included in Verxact is an easy-to-use, completely intuitive tool that does not need technical knowledge to create all kinds of attractive and effective content (that your center shares through its own material repository).

Create your own exercises in a simple way thanks to its multiple templates: vocabulary, reading, news, dialogues, free expression exercises, crosswords,  and etc.

Customized training with your own online content


Reinforcement parts


Complementary exercises


Class summary


Level tests


Virtual whiteboard in your videoconferencing classes