We can assume that the coronavirus health crisis has shown that not all educational institutions are as prepared as they should be. Especially since digital solutions have been around for years, offering multiple advantages including the possibility to implement blended learning. To date, we have discussed this teaching model, praised for its effectiveness and combination of distance learning with in-person education, which enhances content retention and educational flexibility without sacrificing the social factor. Now, however, another of its virtues stands out: the ability to offer classes normally without needing physical classrooms.

Blended learning: Educational Technology at rescue!

Today we want to share one of several success stories of implementing blended learning that are a clear example of how our platform is helping to keep hundreds of language centers around the world open during the pandemic.


Blended learning: Language School in CDMX

A 25-year-old neighborhood language center with around 500 students from Mexico City contacted CAE when the health emergency seemed uncontrollable in China and was beginning to spread to other countries. Even if it was a long way from Mexico, this center didn’t want to break its commitment to its students if the situation worsened and wanted to be able to continue training remotely.

flag 3 iconCHALLENGE

We found:

  • a 100% analog academy with four teachers using printed sheets and the traditional blackboard in class
  • 50 groups between A1 and C1 levels of English


For the aim to offer their classes online, the following needs were detected:

  • an LMS platform to manage the center’s students, courses and classes, which would offer one-stop access for its students
  • interactive content as classroom support
  • content to project in online classes
  • comprehensive system, easy for teachers with no previous online experience to manage


bulb flash iconSOLUTION

In order to continue with learning English online without missing a beat in class, CAE proposed the following solution:

  • Verxact Solution to boost their brand image and provide students with one-stop access to their online courses and classes; and for their team of teachers, very comprehensive but easy-to-use tools.


We proposed beginning with the Verxact’s Essential Plan, our recommended plan to start blended learning, with every guarantee:

  • with a web portal for classes with the school’s logo, which after so many years is a well-known brand among its customers
  • with virtual classrooms to teach face-to-face classes online with audio, video and chat. Verxact virtual classrooms would allow teachers to prepare their materials in PPT, PDF, DOC or image to project on the virtual whiteboard or store the files so they can be downloaded
  • A1-C1 English reinforcement pills for their classes

This plan can be easily booked online through our website and in just one day, the center had its LMS ready to enroll students in their courses and create online classes.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has infected more than 100,000 people in Mexico according to WHO data, and since March 23, the country has been under quarantine. This center has since activated its online services and has not only continued to teach its students, but has also been able to enroll new students who were looking for available online alternatives.

“We started with Verxact e-learning solution because of the need we saw that we had to meet, but it was a step that we had been thinking about for a long time. Now, we have verified the resources it offers and seen how satisfied our students are. There is no coming back.”


From here we hope that the health crisis will be resolved as soon as possible all over the planet, and we are happy to have worked even harder these past months to provide facilities with continuity in education.

If your school needs an online solution to keep its doors open all year, Verxact’s Essential plan is the best option to start blended learning. Check out our plans and access the demo.