The future of language training goes through e-learning solutions that allows class schedules to be more flexible and be able to attend online. This is indicated by most studies on training trends (such as this by Stanford University), where technology applied to teaching is perceived as essential.

As specialists in e-learning and language training, at Verxact we are convinced that the future of education effectively goes through knowing how to take advantage of all the advantages of educational platforms, creators of online content for course creation, social options and personalization of educational experiences.

Language training Solutions

The solutions such as blended learning, and the resources that are associated with it, are the ones that are obtaining the best results in face-to-face centers, where their implementation modernizes these academies from an economic and academic level.


3 e-learning services that are a must in language centers


1. Combine modes in language training

#Face-to-face classes, online classes and telephone classes combined!

Students can choose how they want to receive each class session: by videoconference, in the classroom or through the phone. The first two options are very similar: both can be done in a group, have an identical duration, the participation of students with the teacher and between them is possible and in both cases, there is a whiteboard on which the teacher can project materials. However, they could not be more different since attending an online class does not require travel, only from a device connected to the network (PC, tablet, smartphone).

By allowing students to combine their classes, class attendance is increased. For this, an educational platform with an online reservation system for classes such as the one that Verxact integrates is necessary. It is also responsible for ensuring that the following point can be offered: flexible hours.


2. Flexible hours – Booking agenda (platform)

#Book online: flexible schedules

With the Verxact online booking agenda, students confirm their classes in advance (modality, schedule, teacher) and the system is responsible for creating the classes with students who match in level and preferences. In this way, with the same teaching staff, the offer of schedules of a center is multiplied by five.

If you offer a personal plan for each student, they have different objectives to overcome during the course. Flexible classes with online booking are created with students who must address the same objectives, so that progress is made in what really interests them. In a traditional class, this prior information is not available for each student and general lessons are taught following a specific order that does not vary.


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3. Own content and automatic evaluation (course creator)

#Identification of shortcomings quickly

The pills and online courses that your center develops offer an immediate evaluation, which allows you to quickly make changes to the students’ plans to adapt them to their progress or deficiencies. This achieves comprehensive student monitoring and prevents stagnation by offering a lower or higher level than you need.

In addition, the interactive content itself allows centers to differentiate themselves from their competition and create a unique methodology that integrates their experience and know-how.



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