Having virtual classes and e-learning tools to reopen as an online language center is key to returning the activity to your language center and continuing your courses during this transition period running between the times before and after the coronavirus.

The recent pandemic has forced us to rethink many of our habits. In the same way it has accelerated the adoption of teleworking in many companies or it has definitely massified online commerce, education has also seen the need to change its methodologies and open its arms to digital alternatives that allow classes to continue with every guarantee.

Virtual classes: do not stop your language training

Many centers have kept their doors closed due to the impossibility of giving their face-to-face classes and the lack of e-learning alternatives. Precisely, to return to full activity, it is necessary to trust digital tools and educational technology capable of offering students distance education and blended learning.

During the worst weeks of the epidemic, any type of non-specialized and even free video conferencing service was used to teach online. However, to ensure quality training, it is essential to trust stable tools, specialized in languages, which in addition to a specific service offer a comprehensive solution. Now is the time to bet on them to offer virtual classes and be prepared for future emergencies.

This is not something new that emerged from the COVID-19 crisis. At CAE, we have spent 40 years developing e-learning content and solutions that have positioned our brands as leaders in digital education. In recent years, teaching has been (slowly) adopting digital tools that have been with us for many years. This crisis has accelerated this adoption, and has shown that not only do these tools offer a more effective and flexible education, but they also give us solutions for scenarios such as the coronavirus, which could happen again in the coming years.


4 keys to turn your academy into an online language center

# 1 Change in your methodology

E-learning offers several methodologies that your center can adapt to offer your students online classes and materials. The most recommended one for traditional centers is blended learning, since it allows them to combine their face-to-face classes with online classes and interactive reinforcement courses. Students connect from home to their online courses and classes. Everything from just a single portal that is customized with their logo and colors.

Blended learning is perfect for a digital transition since the social factor is not completely lost. The face-to-face experience is maintained, but with limitations.


# 2 Class web portal

To implement blended learning in your center, you need an educational platform (web portal for your virtual classes). This offers a single access to your students, where they find courses and online classes, complementary materials (PDFs, links, etc.), study planner, gamification, objective-based review exercises… Moreover, you can enhance your brand image with your logo in the portal.


# 3 Interactive content + virtual classes

Educational pills reinforce what is seen in class (face-to-face or online). They are classified by levels (A1-C1) and CEFR objectives. They can be rearranged to fit the course syllabus. They are composed of varied and enjoyable exercises (concept association, gap filling, questions and answers, crosswords, associate images) with voice recognition and real-time feedback.


# 4 Virtual classrooms

To teach virtual classes, you need virtual classrooms. Those built into Verxact courses allow you to add to the course as many online classes as you like and teach them via video conference. Verxact has a virtual whiteboard and file repository, as well as group and private chat, different permissions managed by the administrator and 12 interactions for students (raise your hand, nod…).


This is all you need to open your online center today and get back to full activity. In addition to this, you can expand your activity by incorporating 100% online tuition, with learning pills and live online classes.


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