Video conferencing software for your language center

Virtual Classroom for online live instruction

Verxact provides language centers and academies with Virtual Classroom software to teach online classes by videoconference, with maximum reliability and the best tools: virtual whiteboard, file repository and management platform integration.

Access to the virtual classes of your language training can be through previous reservation via the web portal, or call, with open rooms to which your students attend at the agreed time.

Classes are taught in virtual classrooms with videoconferencing that allow schools to combine the best of online teaching and traditional teaching for effective and 100% practical learning.


Virtual whiteboard & File repository

Easy-to-use virtual whiteboard that allows the projection of materials, drawing, writing, saving screens, etc.

Empty file repository where you can upload your presentations and the materials you want your students to download. (When hiring Tutor Center, +250 English classes are included to use freely) 

Registration and monitoring of the classes taught

The system keeps the record of each online class taught by videoconference so that the center can consult the video and attendance information, notes, etc.

Group and one2one classes, webinars...

Classes can be created with various objectives: group classes, individual classes, meetings, webinars … Participants can have a range of permissions, depending on needs. A queue system with waiting room is included for 1-to-1 tutorials.

Without downloads. Cloud Technology

No installation or downloads required. It is accessed directly from the web browser.

More advantages of the Verxact virtual classroom

High Quality

Video conferencing system to teach language classes with video and audio high quaility


Drag and drop

Drag the materials you have uploaded to the repository onto the whiteboard to start your presentations

Screen Share

Share browser tabs, folders, applications…


Full screen and gallery view

Different views: whiteboard, full screen video, gallery view


Engage your students

12 feedback actions that allow your students to interact without affecting the pace of the class


List of users

List showing connected students and granted permissions

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