Virtual Classroom software for online live instruction

Verxact provides language centers and academies with Virtual Classroom software to teach online classes by videoconference, with maximum reliability and the best tools: virtual whiteboard, file repository and management platform integration.

Classes are taught in virtual classrooms with videoconferencing that allow schools to combine the best of online teaching and traditional teaching for effective and 100% practical learning.




Audio, video, chat, tracking and notes


Online classes with Open Schedules


Class exchange option


Full online group classes

Virtual classroom functionalities

  • Integration with management, content and service to create exercises or courses
  • Easy-to-use virtual whiteboard that allows the projection of materials, drawing, writing, saving screens, etc.
  • Repository of materials¬†
  • Student interactivity: raise your hand, apply for blackboard editing permissions, vote, express your agreement or disagreement, etc.
  • Email notifications (confirmation of classes 24 hours in advance)
  • Schedule grid and class reservation up to one month in advance
  • Group classes or individual classes to be established by the center or the student at the time of booking
  • Class registration and evaluation
  • Chat, audio, and video
  • Possibility of launching your online store to sell individual classes or by packs (fully managed by your center)
Online classes by video conference

Virtual Whiteboard

Verxact videoconference integrates virtual whiteboard with everything necessary for teachers to support their explanations with presentations (PPT, PDF), images, videos or simply write or draw what they need at any time.


Individual or Group Classes

Online classes can be configured for individual sessions or group sessions in the virtual classroom (its center sets the maximum number of students per class). The student himself can choose, within the options available in his registration.


Registration and monitoring of the classes taught

The system keeps the record of each online class taught by videoconference so that the center can consult the video and attendance information, notes, etc.


250+ classes of all levels

Verxact has prepared materials to project in class to support their English classes that can be projected on the virtual board of the videoconferencing software (in the classes created with Tutor Center).


Nonlinear online lessons based on objectives

The system assigns the most suitable objective to teach in each class according to the common objectives that students aimed at the class must overcome.


Teacher rating

At the end of each class, the system asks students to rate their class experience from 1 to 5 stars. This assessment will be shown in the teacher’s profile.


Turn your center into an online academy