Teaching classes online has become a trend since the imposition of social distancing, but many centers already did it regularly with excellent results. However, we must rely on specialized software that gives us guarantees.

The use of video calls has become widespread since the tragic outbreak of the coronavirus in the world. Although they have been around for years, and were part of our daily lives, it was not until a few months ago that their use became vitally important. In terms of education, they were decisive during the early days of the pandemic. In order to continue with classes (in formal education, languages, private classes, music lessons…) teachers used the software they were already comfortable with, such as video calls.

Teaching classes online

The programs that allowed them to call their families also gave them the opportunity to connect with their students. However, programs such as WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom are limited by their design and their own objectives, so they do not cover all the needs of an online class.

To teach virtual classes, in addition to video feed there are other needs to consider:

  • Class capacity
  • Interaction between the teacher and the student body
  • White board
  • Presentation projector
  • Video playback
  • Questions and answers without interrupting the class rhythm
  • Easily file sharing with students during class
  • Automatic attendance tracking
  • Class notes
  • Monitoring and evaluation included in automatic reports

All these options are included in the Verxact LMS learning platform virtual classrooms for languages; the only specialized platform that allows you 100% personalization with your own brand image. Moreover, you will have access to all the tools necessary for creating your own content and enhancing your image as well fine tuning your center’s methodology down to the finest detail.


Why choose educational video conferencing over video calling software?

This is actually a trick question, because it answers itself if we swap it around: why use video calling software to give classes instead of a virtual classroom with videoconferencing and tools developed precisely to teach classes? It certainly seems like an easy choice from this perspective.

And it is.

Video calling technology, while connecting teachers and students, is unable to go that step further to give what is needed for an effective lesson. A classroom needs a whiteboard, it needs a projector, it needs to be recorded for students who have not been able to attend. Teachers need to be able to share documents with their students quickly, to be able to ask questions during class and let students respond by raising their hands. This can only be achieved with a virtual classroom which has all the necessary tools for online classes, and not just to connect two ends in a conversation.


Advantages of the Verxact learning suite for teaching online classes

The Verxact learning suite offers many facilities to language centers and academies to combine their face-to-face classes with online classes. They can switch between face to face, blended or online classes easily. They are able to respond to changes in their environment quickly and react to the needs that arise (yes, as in the case of a global pandemic that forces people to choose distance learning over other options).

To highlight the specific advantages in terms of online language training, Verxact offers:

  • Automatic creation of schedules according to the availability of your teachers and the demand of your students.
  • Creation of virtual classrooms with fixed timetables (classrooms always open, in which classes will be taught at certain times).
  • Videoconferencing environment, configured to be able to give a class with all the resources of a traditional classroom (and some more).
  • Automatic attendance tracking and evaluation.