Web platform for your center

Comprehensive management of your classes and content

Training web platform specially designed for language training that allows you share online content to evaluate pronunciation, writing, oral comprehension, grammar and other skills automatically. As well as parameterizing many automatisms, so that teachers dedicate their time to training and not to tasks administrative. 

Different scalable modalities are available for each client, which facilitates the provision of languages in on-site training, flipped classroom, blended and in online classes.


Enhanced your branding

On the Verxact web platform, only elements associated with your center appear (white brand, white labeling).


Class Schedule

Management of the reservation of on-site, online and telephone classes through a calendar that automatically assigns the class objectives to each student according to their needs.

Attendance Record

It has a detailed report of the participation of its students in online classes with the teachers of its center and/or those of the network.

Share materials

The centers can publish on the platform activities, readings, links, videos …

Learning Web Platform for language training

Verxact web platform:


  • Web platform with a modern Look & feel and intuitive use for students and teachers.
  • Management of teachers and classes from the same site.
  • Automated reports with attendance record.
  • Gamified evaluation with custom badges and leaderboards.
  • Multi-device and cloud-based digital platform (compatible PC, tablets, smartphones with O.S. Android, iOS, Windows and macOS).
  • Virtual Classroom (VCR) with a reservation grid, virtual whiteboard, and file repository integrated into the web portal.
  • Pre-order of class reservations through your POS, Point of Sale Terminal (your own bank payment gateway).
  • Parental control.
  •  Secure Identification.
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