The recent global context urges us to take measures that require continuing with educational routines in circumstances where the best possibility is online education.

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– Teach online classes with virtual classrooms integrated in the language courses

– Enhance the engagement of your language learners through gamification and other reactive and proactive coaching tools

– Create your own online and interactive content with the only authoring tool specialized in language learning

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Webinar: Master Videconference Classes

Use of videoconferencing to teach online

How to teach online classes with virtual classrooms integrated in your courses

FINISHED 13.02.2020
FINISHED 18.03.2020
FINISHED 24.03.2020
FINISHED 14.05.2020
FINISHED 21.05.2020
FINISHED 21.05.2020
FINISHED 04.06.2020

Webinar: Master the online content creation

Interactive content creation

FINISHED 16.01.2020
FINISHED 23.01.2020

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