Why Choose Verxact? Verxact offers face-to-face language centers all the tools they need to to perform effective blended learning in their language school and boost their business, for lessons in all modalities. Find out in the following video what Verxact is and why it is the most complete solution to modernize language schools and academies.



# 1 Gradual growth

Verxact e-learning solutions offer the most advanced tools designed for your language center to grow progressively with its own web portal, with interactive content such as educational pills or courses, online classes, online booking calendar, flexible schedules, etc. Centers choose the options they need, expanding business with new options that will allow them to increase their customers and billing.


# 2 Everything you need to teach online as a professional

Virtual classroom with whiteboard to teach with video conference, just as in traditional classes, but now online. For whiteboards, Verxact offers centers more than 250 lesson examples, as a visual help to be used in their lessons. It also offers the option to create your own PowerPoints and project them.


# 3 Class reservations online

Digital calendar for all modalities: face-to-face, online and by phone. If the center wants so, students can combine all three modalities and sometimes attend online classes, other times attend the teaching center and other times take a lesson on the phone, depending on availability.


# 4 Flexible hours with the digital booking calendar

Offer face-to-face, online and telephone lessons during free hours: mark the day or time for your students. Verxact’s calendar creates the lessons automatically according to the requests of its students, grouping them according to the modality, the level and the lesson they must take (according to the objectives of the course they have already passed and those they must pass at the moment).

 Why choose Verxact

# 5 Hundreds of pills

Training pills in UK English and USA English, focused on one or more objectives to create your own online courses and complements. Take advantage of the wide range of pills already developed that you can offer your students, with your own brand image (your logo).


# 6 Course creation tool

For the most demanding centers, the authoring tool allows them to create their own content in digital format, creating their own pills or complete courses.


# 7 100% your image.

Only elements associated with your center, such as your logo or colors, appear on your web portal. In addition, you can customize the name of the pills or courses.


# 8 Online lessons network

Verxact includes an advanced algorithm in its lessons’ calendar that connects your schedules with thousands of language centers around the world, to combine their lessons with yours and offer extended schedules (even 24 hours) to your students.