Why to adopt Blended Learning in the traditional classroom of face-to-face language centers? Adopting B-Learning allows these centers to grow. It does so by offering their students all the advantages that this educational practice brings, combining digital learning tools with face-to-face teaching.

Blended Learning in the traditional classroom


What is blended learning?

Blended Learning combines classroom work and online work with digital media. Therefore, for a training to be 100% blended learning, it is essential that teachers and students share a space and, at the same time, that they have access and use digital educational tools that provide flexibility to training.

Some of the blended initiatives that language centers can undertake to introduce blended learning in the traditional classroom include combining videoconferencing classes with in-person classes, facilitating online reinforcements in the form of pills or courses, or giving access to e-learning platforms (LMS), from which students can access classes and resources.

Verxact facilitates this step by making available everything they need to modernize their centers based on the technology of the EdTech leader CAE, with more than 38 years of experience and success in the sector.


Why is Blended Learning so effective?

The blended learning method has had a very satisfactory experience throughout its trajectory because it offers the best of both face-to-face classes and virtual classrooms. The centers use all their know-how in the lessons, while the management is automated and the monitoring of the student becomes individual and much more exhaustive with minimal effort.


#1 Automatic evaluations and immediate feedback

Reduction of the time that teachers spend on correction. The evaluation of online classes and interactive activities through training pills or courses is instantaneous. Teachers and students receive immediate feedback. This allows that teachers rethink their classes faster, according to the students’ shortcomings, and that students review their mistakes and solve their doubts before continuing with other lessons in class.


#2 Reinforcements outside the classroom that allow each student to learn at their own pace

Training pills, or microlearning content, provide language centers with reinforcement for their classes. The student attends a lesson, either face-to-face, online or on the phone. Then at home, they can review what they learned with related pills. Verxact makes available to centers more than 1,800 pills already developed that they can link to their classes and integrate them into the web platform.


#3 Individualized teaching

Accessing statistics and reports of each student is easy and allows teachers to know their needs and act quickly to personalize their educational experience: adding new pills according to their needs. This prevents students from falling behind and ending up leaving the course.


#4 Excellent cost-effectiveness for the school.

The educational platform, training pills and online Verxact lessons by videoconference are accessible from any device connected to the network (smartphone, tablet, Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows computer). The equipment for videoconferencing lessons is not very demanding.  Yet, for those centers that take their first steps online, Verxact has prepared a simple solution that allows contracting classes in closed packs. This way, centers can offer lessons online 24×7 and under their own brand, without actually being in charge of teaching them.


#5 Teaching accessibility

The Verxact class agenda provides free schedules for all modalities (face-to-face, online, telephone). This, in turn, makes it easier for a greater number of students to enroll in their center since schedules are no longer an obstacle. The online booking is simple and the system manages and creates the classes taking into account the level of the students and their learning objectives, without the center having to do anything more than keeping up to date their teaching team availability.


#6 Improves attitude towards study

The use of digital devices and technology for teaching improves the attitude of students and allows them to work from home, which increases their commitment to the course and improves their results.


First steps to introduce blended learning in the classroom

Language academies interested in moving forward with a blended learning method must ensure a digital framework appropriate to their educational center. For this, they need an educational platform that allows the integral management of their lessons and materials. Through these web portals, students access all the material they need, wherever and whenever they need it.

Verxact offers a comprehensive web platform solution with just the center’s brand image, online lessons, interactive content, the most advanced software for videoconferencing of language lessons, automatic management of free schedules with notifications to teachers and students and a network that connects thousands of language centers around the world to offer lessons 24/7.