Expand your classroom business with web platform to teach English, interactive content and online classes. Offer free schedules

Compete with the largest in the market

Everything your language school needs to become a reference in your sector!

Platform to teach English, interactive content, online courses, content creation, management of classes and tutors online. Start and grow in the online training business without worries and with all the guarantees: Verxact allows language centers to grow gradually with frequency content following the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Your training center can offer online classes, 24-hour schedules and free schedules in all modalities: face-to-face classes, online classes by videoconference, or telephone classes. All integrated in the same environment and very easy to use.


Exclusive web portal + videoconference

Everything you need to modernize your language center with class management, monitoring, reports, whiteboard, POS


Digital Class Schedule - Open Schedules

Digital agenda to easily book on-site, online or telephone classes. With the same teaching staff, the schedule offer is multiplied by five


Videoconferencing classes

The software allows teachers to participate in multiple portals in the same schedule offer (connects the centers of all clients and their students)


Teachers and student’s algorithm

The software includes an algorithm that connects teachers’ and students’ schedules in an intelligent and optimized way.


Authoring Tool (cloud)

Easy-to-use Authoring Tool, which allows you to create or expand learning pills to design unique content for your center


Learning Pills / Online courses

The authoring tool includes hundreds of training pills -activities, tests, level tests- already developed (free of use and CEFR goal-based)


Class exchange option

Through the 24×7 network, the centers exchange their UK / USA English videoconferencing classes with native teachers. Four levels of growth.


Greater profitability for your language center

Forget about the problems to form groups (classrooms, schedules, and teachers). More enrollments, less drop-outs

Why choose Verxact

Verxact is the only solution that allows you to have a web platform to teach Englihs and interactive content to complement your face-to-face classes, as well as online class management specially developed so that language centers grow gradually accompanied by all the necessary tools and guarantees. Teach your English language training, specific or other languages ​​online training reliably by the best developer and technology provider for online and in-person learning.


Your usual on-site classes, but now online

The most complete virtual classroom for language training. Expand the enrollment of your center and the retention of your students with videoconferencing classes.


Open schedules in all modalities

Your face-to-face, online and / or telephone classes (combine them!) In 100% open schedules with digital reservation through your own exclusive web portal with your logo, colors, URL…


Offer classes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Generic portal only with your brand image: logo, colors, customized URL. Includes reservation management of on-site, online and telephone classes

Are the schedules requested by your students impossible?

English classes 24 hours in your language center

Online classes with teachers 24/7

Verxact: 24×7 Between Language Centers provides language centers and academies with a platform to teach English online classes with maximum reliability and the best tools: virtual whiteboard, file repository and management platform integration.

The system stands out for integrating a class schedule connected to thousands of language centers that teach English classes online (24 hours) to complete their virtual classrooms in their English training.

Start making a difference today

Start your video conferencing and online courses business from day one as an expert


  • Digital transformation of your center (evaluation automation, monitoring of teachers and students in the classes taught, and personalized web portal).
  • Complete your online classes with students from all over the world.
  • Optimization of the hours of your teaching staff (on-site and online).
  • Increase in enrollment (extended schedules) and student retention.
  • Stand out from your competition with the most innovative solution for language centers with online, on-site and telephone classes in the sector.
  • Improve the economic profitability of your business with the world’s leading e-learning provider.
Videoconferencing classes for language centers
The usual face-to-face classes, but now online

Turn your language center into an online training specialist